February 25, 2023

My New Studio

Photography Studio

A dream come true

Over the past 23 years of working as a photographer I've worked in many different environments. On location, in clients homes, from my lounge room, a shared studio at Port Adelaide and more recently, hiring a dance studio.

But finally, after wishing, dreaming, manifesting, saving and planning, my dreams have finally come true!

I have built my own studio space and could not be happier!

Building throughout the Covid pandemic was probably not the best time to choose. There was a shortage of materials, the cost of EVERYTHING kept going up in huge leaps and council were difficult to deal with (no surprises there).

But I'm happy to say that after many, many months, we got there!

The silver lining in the whole process was having an awesome builder!! I first met Boris from Hammer'd Building when I photographed his little boy as a newborn a couple of years ago. We were having a chat at the end of the session and he mentioned that he'd be happy to give me a quote on what was really just an idea at the time.

Fast forward a couple of years and we were finally in a position to go ahead with the building plans. Boris was great to work with, he listened to my needs, showed attention to detail and cared about this project as if it were his own. He discussed everything with me throughout the whole process and came up with various solutions to help keep costs within budget.

My husband was a little hesitant about the whole thing (mainly the rising costs) but even he is pleasantly surprised by the finished studio and the Hammer'd Building team.

So here's a handful of photos showing some of the stages of my studio build. It's a light and bright space set up with everything we need for your photoshoot session and is otherwise known as 'My happy place'. 😊